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GE Voluson 4D/3D Imaging

The Voluson 730 is packed full on innovations to help you see more, work more efficiently and diagnose with more confidence.

Innovations in image quality: Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) suppresses speckle artifact while maintaining true tissue architecture.

CrossXBeam (CRI) enhances tissue and border differentiation. (HD-Flow™) achieves a more sensitive vascular study and reduces overwriting.

Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI) allows for better image quality in either a single plane or all three planesof a volume acquisition.

Innovations in image automation:

Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Diagnosis (SonoVCAD) helps standardize image orientation of the fetal heart by

providing views automatically obtained from a single volume acquisition

Innovations in image analysis:

Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation (STIC) captures a full fetal heart cycle beating in real time, and the volume can be saved for

offline analysis. Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI) makes analysis and documentation of dynamic studies easier with a simultaneous

view of multiple parallel slices of a volume data set.

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