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Pulsed Wave Doppler
Provides a sensitive and accurate quantitative assessment of blood flow, enabling the user to measure velocities and identify flow
characteristics in arteries and veins. Doppler signals are exceptionally clean enhancing diagnostic confidence for vascular exams.
Color Power Doppler
For quickly detecting blood flow in vessels, or for guiding the placement of a pulsed Doppler sample volume, color power Doppler
 is a very sensitive mode that is less angle-dependent than velocitybased color flow. Directional color power Doppler is also
available on selected transducers.
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
 THI is an advanced technology never before available in this price range. In THI mode, the system processes echoes at the higher
harmonic frequencies, resulting in images with reduced noise and clutter artifacts. This enhances image quality with finer dot size and
improved tissue differentiation. PC Direct Connectivity Offers a complete solution for digital documentation and image
management on a standard PC.
SiteLink image manager
software downloads and automatically stores high-resolution images to an intuitive file system. Images can then be archived,
reviewed and converted to other formats for use in QA programs and teaching, presentations, publications and for sharing with colleagues.
DICOM and PACS interface solutions available
• High-quality ultrasound for comprehensive point-of-care imaging • Compact and lightweight for unsurpassed portability
– office, clinic, bedside exams • 2D directional color (DCPD), color power Doppler and continuous wave Doppler
• Intuitive design allows the user to focus on the patient, not the technology • All-digital image processing for consistent performance
• ECG and M-mode, plus measurement tools, analysis software and report packages
• Fast boot up – ready to scan in under 10 seconds
• Battery or AC powered
• A flexible solution for a wide range of diagnostic and interventional ultrasound applications
SonoSite offers a selection of comfortable, lightweight, broadband transducers. Together with the 180PLUS these transducers
allow you to perform a broad array of diagnostic studies and interventional procedures, including abdominal, vascular, breast, obstetrical,
gynecological, pediatric/neonatal, cardiac, prostate, small parts, musculoskeletal and intraoperative.
C60 Convex abdominal (2-5MHZ) ICT7-4 Intracavity Transducer (4-7MHz) C15e Cardiac convex (2-4MHz)
C11 Pediatric convex (4-7MHz) L38 Linear vascular and small parts (5-10MHz)

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